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    Polk Audio Deal at

    Heads up....thought I would pass the word!

    Special Offer!
    FREE Polk Audio Indoor/Outdoor Speakers!

    Get a FREE pair of the Atrium45 indoor/outdoor multi-purpose speakers a $199.99 value with a Polk Audio home speaker purchase totaling $499 or more*!

    Or, get a Merchandise Gift Card worth up to $150 towards your next Crutchfield purchase instead of the Atrium45s!
    Offer expires 3/24/05. *Systems combining Polk Audio products with other brands must include $499.99 worth of Polk Audio products to qualify for the offer.

    Bulk purchases are excluded from this offer. Offer is subject to modification or cancellation at any time with no prior notice. (Return of qualifying purchase will void the offer and will require either return of the free speakers or the return credit being adjusted to reflect the speakers' value. If you choose the free gift card, the return of a qualifying purchase will either result in the merchandise gift card being voided or the return credit being adjusted to reflect redeemed merchandise certificate.)

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    Suggestion on matching up Polk

    Anyone have any suggestions based on experience. Should I go A, B, or C.

    A) Polk Monitor 40 Fronts, CS2 Center, FXi3 Surrounds ($950)
    B) Polk RTi4 Fronts, CSi3 Center, FXi3 Surrounds ($810)
    C) Polk RTi6 Fronts, CSi5 Center, FXi5 Surrounds ($1280)

    Is the bigger 6.5" woofers in option "C" worth it $$?

    Also, how does the RTi series compare to the Monitor in general?

    Thanks all!

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