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    Outdoor speaker advice needed

    Hello, I need advice as to which outdoor speakers I should buy. I want 4 speakers set up in the 4 corners of a square about 30 feet apart. They will be under 18"-24" overhangs so direct rain won't be a problem. Also want a powered or unpowered subwoofer closest to the receiver. In my case it is a Sony STR-DE325. It has front, rear, center and an "RCA mix audio out" it says to connect to an active woofer but not 5.1 audio. I'd like to spend no more than $200 for the speakers and around $100 for the sub. Saw some posts reccommending Boston Acoustics, klipsch, Niles, B&W but they tend to be pricey. Can buy used though. Prefer an indoor/outdoor so they don't have to be removed in Winter. (I live in Ohio.) The sub I can remove. Considering 4 PYLE PDWR63 6.5'' with a freq. response of 50Hz-20KHz if that even matters having the sub. Considered double cubes by JA Audio.

    Any ideas or comments?

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    You're going to have a problem finding an all weather powered sub. I know Boston Acoustics makes one but its like $1200 and unpowered.

    A buddy of mine has these Yamaha speakers, I like them and and am getting a pair this weekend to replace the ubiquitous Bose that were over my patio when I bought my house. :

    Some people will bash japanese speakers, but thes are actually pretty nice. Plus, it is outdoors, so you don't need much.

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    For outdoor speakers check the boston acoustics voyagers.I've had a pr for over 4yrs and they are great.

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