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    Onkyo HT-S670 Package Sub not working...

    here is the deal...

    my father bought this home theater package, and it sounds really good, but the sub isn't working properly. it powers on fine. when the gain is turned up, all i get is a 60 cycle hum. we have it plugged in properly to the passive sub out on the back of the amplifier. and, just plugging power into it and touching the jack produces the same 60 cycle hum. the sub itself doesn't have a ground lift switch on it, and it is acting like something from a grounding standpoint isn't connected on the inside or is loose enough to cause problems.

    we will probably have to at least take the sub back to where it was bought, but i wanted to make sure that i had all of my thoughts and troubleshooting straight. the only thing that i haven't done is bring it to my house and hook it into my surround system to see if i get the same results.

    any other thoughts out there?

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    Is the subwoofer's power plugged into the same eletrical outlet as the TV? Try unplugging the TV/cable/sat box. Try plugging the sub into a different outlet. Make sure the sub and receiver are plugged directly into the wall and then see what happends.

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    i have tried plugging into another outlet...a few of them at the house, but the hum is still there.

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