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    Onkyo Or Yamaha 2 Channel

    While we've been discussing Yamaha 2 channel receivers, I thought it might be interesting to see what the folks around here prefer, either Onkyo or Yamaha 2 channel receivers. I have an Onkyo from around the early 90's (a TX-844) and the sound is warmer than the Yamaha that I also own (RX-596). Although the RX-596 is a tad harsher, it does sound "natural". I also think that the Yamaha is better at driving more difficult loads. I listened to my Onkyo for about ten years, and never had any desire to upgrade, which I suppose might say something. It really is a toss up for me. Both have their attributes.

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    Lightbulb Yamaha's a Sturdy Horse !

    Quote Originally Posted by Mark111867
    Although the RX-596 is a tad harsher, it does sound "natural". I also think that the Yamaha is better at driving more difficult loads.
    Mark, I agree with you on the ability of Yamaha to pull difficult loads too ! I've mentioned this before in another forum and one of my fellow forum pals even went to calculate for me that at present the way I am running my Yamaha Amp with 1 pair of 4 ohm speakers thru a powered sub and another pair of 8 ohm speakers. The amp is always running with all 5 speakers churning out some SPL - and it turns out to some 2.67ohm impedence in toto. Pulling both a pair of 4 ohm and 8 ohm speakers takes some heat dissipation!

    Again - its a repeat of my past statements that the drawback I see with my Yamaha amp is the crosstalk between componenets at high volume levels - in the preamp section.

    what do the rest of you guys think?
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