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    Infinity or Klipsch

    Hey guys, thanks for all the input on my receiver choice. I am going with the Yamaha RX-V650. Now, I am on to the speakers. I am torn between the Klipsch Quintet series and the Infinity TSS-450 series. Can someone please give me some input or opinions of either and let me know what they recommend? Thanks a million.


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    Anyone? Please

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    Speakers are the about the most subjective choice anyone can make in building their system so it's pretty much impossible for any members to choose for you. If you want further suggestions for auditions, let us know what your price range is, musical preferences, 2 channel or multi, sub or no, room size, etc. The more info the better. However, suggestions aside it will still always come down to what you like best because hey, it's your money and your ears.

    Good luck

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