No-offence but what the hell...magnepans don't need alot of wattage...the need a very rigid amp. Thats got nothing to do with watts The powersupply must be very stable to drive magnepans [the ohm is around 1 or 2 i believe] thats nothing compared what i have in my livingroom [0,8ohm with the very well know ampkiller Infinity kappa 9]

One other thing i read all kinds of stuff here that does'nt make sense no offence gents
Everyone is hanging on the 20hz [best results with a 10" unit blabla] Do you really think that you can produce a [ROOMFILLING] 20hz with these kind of units?!?!? I don''t think so.

For a 20hz wave you will need the following things

A big room [20hz needs approx: 11mtrs of length]
A big housing for the sub..take the rel stenor III or the studio..there big well big...medium The go down to 10hz...usefull those specs?? NOPE in a range of one mtr thats not so practical is it.

The most important thing to produce a 20hz wave correctly is mass...that means a 10inch is not so good [its possible offcourse] i use myself a diy sub...this sub has been created with the intention to fill in my fronts [29hz tot 45khz] the k9 dont need no sub...the go very low [thnx to the 4x12" drivers] there you have it again mass!

Just make your own sub..

My sub

150ltr housing [closed]
Matrix inside
15" Tc-sounds [custommade woofer is very $$ but worth the money]
thomessen amp [yet to expensive but very much worth it]
Internal wiring audioquest [silver-wire would do fine to]
approx 50kg

All this was about 800euros...i can tell you this that i've compared my sub against yes believe it or not two rel stenors...the stenors were great...but the diy project was better...much more power in the low regions...thanx to the massive 15" woofer form tc-sounds [used in svs] Much more control in the diy...and this for 800euros compared to expensive rels.

SO my advise buy some kappas...the rest of the some cloths or something