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    Definitve Tech.'s mythos series

    Anybody know anything about def. tech.'s new mythos series and more specifically the "gem" speakers. Would you recommend the Def. Tech. BP 1.2X or the new gem as the mains for a small theater system?

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    I went to Magnolia and listen to BP 7002, 7004, 7006 and the Gem for 3 days of 1 hour session back to back of each all together. I found the sound of BP tower series are fuller with more definition. The GEM is very clear but just not as complete as the towers. I always love the towers more so My opinion might be biased. Go down to your local Definitive carrier and check them out, the equipments are only as good as you think of them. My opinion don't matter cause everyone is looking for something different in their music taste.

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    If you are going to get something the size of the bp2.x i would go with the promonitor 200 instead.
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