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    Audio website

    My first audio site.

    Thank you for looking

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krellm7
    My first audio site.

    Thank you for looking
    That's a monster of a system you have there!
    WARNING! - The Surgeon General has determined that, time spent listening to music is not deducted from one's lifespan.

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    Wow! I've never seen B&W's like that. I thought the Matrix 800's looked like stacked octagons. Those look more like Danes. Are all of these rigs yours? If so, you've got a little bit of everything; from the B&W's to the old school Klipsch (Forte's?), from CJ to Sunfire, you even have Maggie's and ML's. Great googly moogly man, you're all over the map!

    I Love It!

    It looks like you're a drummer, too. Man, the hits just keep on comin'!

    Welcome to the board.

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    Yes everything on here is mine except the Moth audio speakers (Empire Reference) that is just a cool set of speakers from a small company called Moth Audio. My current equip to to large to list but I will list my speakers. B&W Matrix 800,B&W 705,Martin Logan CLS II Z LE,Magnapan MG IIA,Spica TC-60.
    Thank You for looking at my site.

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