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    Athena AS-F2 speakers help


    Thanks for your inputs to my previous post, I just bought a pair of Athena AS-F2 speakers and Harmon-Kardon HK3480 receiver(I think its good enough to drive them). Now I have,

    1- A custom made notebook (I made it myself!)
    2- 2 Athena AS-F2 speakers and
    3- Harmon-Kardon HK3480 receiver(I think its good enough to drive them)

    The specs of the system:


    Very stylish (Silver, Black)

    15" Display

    AMD Athlon XP 2600+ CPU

    60GB HDD

    512MB DDR RAM

    64 MB ATI Radeon graphics

    Multiformat DVD writer

    4 USB 2.0 Ports




    Avermedia PCMCIA tv tuner card (I use this for recording tv programs)

    Average stereo sound card, only one output, where I connect my headphones for now


    Receiver HK3480

    Continuous power (FTC): 120 Watts per channel, 20Hz - 20kHz @ <0.07% THD
    Input sensitivity/impedance linear (high-level): 200mV/47k Ohms
    Signal/noise ratio (IHF-A) 95dB
    Frequency response at 1W +0dB,-3dB;10Hz - 110kHz
    High instantaneous current capability (HCC) ?45 Amps
    Transient intermodulation distortion (TIM) Unmeasurable
    Rise time 16 ?sec
    Slew rate 40V/?sec

    FM Tuner

    Frequency range 87.5 - 108MHz
    Usable sensitivity (IHF) 1.12 ?V/13.5dBf
    Signal/noise ratio (Mono/Stereo) 73/72dB
    Distortion (Mono/Stereo) 0.3%/0.4%
    IF rejection >80dB


    Power requirement AC 120V/60Hz

    Speakers - Athena AS-F2
    1" Teteron Dome
    Magnetically Shielded

    Impedance: 8 ohms compatible

    Dual 8" Injection Molded Polypropylene with Rubber Surround
    Magnetically Shielded

    Frequency Response:
    35Hz - 20kHz +/- 3 dB

    Power Handling:
    250 watts per channel


    I am a newbie, so please don't laugh at my questions, here they are

    1- How do I connect my notebook to HK3480, what cable to buy? It is a simple stereo sound card, but I can buy creative audigy2 nx usb sound card, if its really needed.
    2- How should I connect my receiver to speakers, I am thinking of buying 16 gauge cables from radioshack, will that be good, I am not sure about this, need you help, also about the connecters
    3- What else do I need, I am not using any surge protector now, do I need to buy one, is yes are there any specs/brands?

    I do not have any cables, or power supply, have to buy everything

    I would appreciate any help on it.


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    1. Quickest, easiest, cheapest way is to buy a stereo mini to rca cable from radioshack. I think they are less than ten dollars. If you get a good sound card with digital out, then you could just buy a digital coax/toslink cable and connect to ur HK with that.
    2. 16 gauge is prob fine. I use 12 gauge, its kind of thick, but i got a crapload of it for cheap. You can use banana plugs for the connection.
    3. I took an APC 350 va 12 outlet from my work cuz they had an extra one. It works fine. You could just buy a surge protector for like 20 bucks unless you want a power conditioner they are considerably more.
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    thanks a lot!

    so now i am buying
    1- stereo jack to 2 RCA cable
    2- a basic power surge protector
    3- 4 banana plugs

    i think i should be able to get all the above stuff at Radioshack.

    I will buy above stuff first, then later on probably buy a better sound card, i would have to throw only stereo jack to 2 RCA cable, and buy a digital coaxial cable. I think i have only option with sound card as i can use an external card, creative audigy2 nx usb, is there any other external sound card which is better than audigy2 nx?

    Also I am still not sure about the speaker cable, would i be able to use 12 gauge speaker cable. I came across this forum on net, found this excerpt

    What is the deal with big big speaker wire?? You put big 12 guage speaker wire on it when the power cable for the whole system is only 14-16 guage. I havent ever seen bigger than 12 guage on an ac power cord, i think how can there be more current coming out than whats going in?

    Does it mean, if i am putting in 12 gauge cables, then i also would need a thicker power cable?

    Please advice which speaker cable should i buy? I agree now that my earlier choice, 16 gauge would be a bit thin, but what else do i have to do (about power cables, etc ) so that 12 gauge cable would actually be used?


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    Hi Sam,
    I'm not very knowledgeable about the computer hookup so I can't help you there. However I can offer some advice on speaker wire and banana plugs. I also own an HK receiver so I think what worked for me should work for you. First buy 4 banana plug sets at Radio Shack. They sell a type which consists of 2 plugs joined by a plastic bridge and use a set screw arrangement to connect the wire (cost about $6.25 a set). Simply strip the end of the wire (about 3/8" to 1/2"), insert in the hole and tighten the screw good and tight. The plugs are color coded red and black like your speaker terminals on the receiver and speakers. Make sure to insert the same side of wire in the same color of plug. The wire is usually marked so you can keep it straight. As to gauge of wire I would not be too concerned, anything in 16,14 or 12 gauge should work fine. I'd recommend going to Lowe's (or Home Depot) and buying the exact amount of wire you need (measure the length at home and add 2 or 3 feet per side in case you want to reposition a little). This is cheap and the wire works just fine. You don't need to worry about the power cables. Whatever comes with your equipment will be fine. Hope this helps and good luck. Oh,one more thing, check out, they have some nice, instructive articles about hooking things up which are snake oil free and very helpful. Good luck and I hope this helps.

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    Keep in mind that without a digital output on your laptop you can't get any kind of digital sound from movies. Only analog stereo.

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    thanks a lot guys!!! for al the help.

    Got all my queries solved, i am still waiting for reciever to arrive, probably hook up all the things this weekend, and will listen to my first real audio system.

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    This is a stereo receiver so there are no digital inputs. You can only connect your computer with the mini-to-rca cable.
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