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Thread: 2 woofer sub

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    2 woofer sub

    as many of you regulars know, when I received my SVS PB12-Ultra/2 I had to replace the amp. It was not that hard to do, but you always worry about getting things right.

    Part of the process was taking out both woofers. What would happen if I got them
    out of phase when I put them back in? My wife was helping me and we got a
    phone call just as I was hooking up the wires. I think I did it right, but... one never

    Would it be obvious that the woofers were out of phase??
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    depends wether you got the woofers out of phase with each other (which will seriously affect performance) or both in phase with each other but hooked up reverse which would affect what is known as asbsolute phase which you may not notice...some say absolute phase is important...others say not. I've heard that some preamps can reverse the phase of the signal or waveforms too before the signal gets near the speaker.

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    Yeah if you got them out of phase with each other you'll know it. You'll near nothing but the woofer cones flapping around. If you hear good clean bass you're good to go.

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    The way the your woofers are positioned relative each other in your sub will affect how much impact the phase would have if you wired them wrong. If they're facing each other, or perfectly facing away from each other, there could be a great deal of and things change, so it's not as simple as hearing something or hearing nothing at all.

    If your sub sounds good, and have an idea what a subwoofer should sound like, you should be able to tell pretty quick though. If you're really worried, take them apart again and check?

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