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    I'm a Cool Rocking Daddy in the U.K.

    The Weekend Starts Here

    It's 4.30pm in the UK so I'm starting to think about packing up. Enjoy the rest of your day over there in North America, I shall be at home having a drink shortly!

    I have Corrosion of Conformity 'America's Volume Dealer' in the car so I'll be rocking out on the way home.

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    Hey, it's 4:30 here too (now ). I had a lot of driving to do today so first thing I did was pick up Andrew Bird's new one, Andrew Bird & The Mysterious Production Of Eggs. Listened to it about 1.75 times so far and it's really, really good. More along the lines of The Swimming Hour than Weather Systems, which is just fine by me. Nicely recorded as well.

    NI (now imbibing): St. Pauli Girl bier
    Originally Posted by Troy: She has that same kind of cleft-pallet, slightly retarded way of singing that so many other people find endearing.

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    It's 4:37 now.

    Just got home.

    Gonna get things put away, go through the mail, change clothes, the usual routine and then start my weekend.

    Got a half-arsed playlist in mind and lots of ice cubes in the freezer.

    Let the midnight special shine a light on me.

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