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Thread: Hey Terence

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    Wow. Wilco and a Rickroll all in one've been busy. I love your all-too-infrequent visits Rae...
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    Quote Originally Posted by poppachubby
    Guys...the recent issue between STT and PSkies has blown over. Let's let sleeping dogs lie...please.
    say Chubbs...didja see who ressurected this thing? leads me to believe he doesn't think its blown over

    as far as final thoughts go, most of today's posts were quite pointed in the direction of "no one is buying". But by all means, move it if you wish, as I suggested before, it really isn't an RR joint.
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    Yes 3LB, this ressurection along with several other colourful posts....but as I said, it's blown over and dealt with.

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