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    Anyone else pick up new X-mas music this year?

    Normally through radio and TV I get my fill of Christmas music. I also have a couple things around the house if that isn't enough for some reason. But this year i heard a track off of Christmas With the Pops by Erich Kunzel and Cincinnati Pops Orchestra that I really enjoyed. I heard track 5 which featured vocals from the Cincinnati school of Performing Arts Choir. This was enough to prompt me to acquire this for my own collection. There are other guest appearances on this cd by Doc Severinsen, Toni Tenille and a few others. The Pops swing to these traditional Christmas songs give them the uplift I think they should have.

    Last year I bought the Jethro Tull Christmas album which is a must for any JT fan. I hope this Christmas music thing every year don't continue. Also in my Christmas collection is a couple of Billbooard comps with original singers doing their famous carols from Bing and Nat to the Chipmunks to Grandma Got Ran Over by a Reindeer. Another really good album is a Christmas Gift for You done by Phil Spector and all the talent he had in his camp, Darlene Love, who appears on Letterman every year to bring the house down, the Ronnettes and talent like that.

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    I picked up one this year called "Raising The Roof For St.Mary's". It's basically just piano and vocal and was done to raise money for a church in London, Ont.

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    I picked up Chris Isaak's new Xmas album, that's about it.
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