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    Smile Juicy Music Preamplifiers

    Mark Deneen who is known for his engineering work for Paragon in the 70's is designing and building again after 25 years. His company, Juicy Music can be found on the web at .... so far he has designed and built two preamplifiers which are both killer pieces of tube audio gear. The BlueBerry was first out of the chute and includes a very nice phono stage and the Peach is a power user's linestage in it's own right.

    I have written a first impressions review of the BlueBerry which is posted on the Klipsch forum and would like to see Juicy Music listed on so users can post reviews.

    Have just received The Peach and am pleasantly surprised that it betters the already impressive linestage function of the BlueBerry.

    Mark is now working in earnest on the first power amplifier offering for JM, which will be the Cherry.

    The audioreview community would be well served to list JM for reviewers.

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    Done. The designer of those enclosures must have been having 70's flashbacks.

    The Peach is here:

    The Blueberry is here:

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