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    Now here's a thinking company...

    You're about to see a new "Kleenex" hit the market. This one is a way better idea than all those so called "anti-bacterial" soaps and wash's in the last 5 or so yrs. Not intended to cure someone from the flu, but help greatly in preventing exposure. This assumes, of course, that the infected party does actually care enough to spare his fellow man the grief he is experiencing.

    Funny though, the anti-viral formula cited, sodium lauryl sulfate and citric acid, is also the 3rd and 6th items listed on Herbal Essence shampoo. Maybe that why all those chicks on the TV commercial are always so excited!

    Now if they can make a single tissue hold the complete "load"!
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    Quote Originally Posted by karl k
    Now if they can make a single tissue hold the complete "load"!
    Maybe they'll think of putting small targets on them.

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