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    "Online Speaker Company Face-Off" coming up soon.

    Maybe some of you remember that I sent an email to many HT magazines asking them to do an Online Speaker Company shootout. Unfortunately as most of you and I expected, none of the magz say yes to the idea pressumably because none of the online companies pay enough in ads to "earn" a review...sad but true thats the honesty of mag reviews now adays.
    There is good news still, is going to do the Faceoff article and they are working on it just now. It will take sometime as its a complex thing but we will appreciate any input (I dont work for them but since I gave the idea they are listening to my opinions about how to do it).

    Here are the products to be reviewed:
    AXIOM: Bookshelf model M22ti ($400) Tower model M40ti ($490)
    HTD: Bookshelf model Level 4 ($499) Tower model Level 3($429)
    Fluance: Tower SV-10 ($299) also TOWERS ES-1 ($399)
    Ascend Acoustics: Bookshelf CBM-170 ($328) / 340L/R
    Aperion : Bookshel MODEL f522D-LR ($180 EACH)
    Onyx Rocket model RS150 ($399)
    Swan 2.1 and 4.1

    As you can see with are doing an under $500 FaceOff first and will do an under $1000 later. My opinions is that we should compare all speakers based on price and not based on speaker type (ie tower or bookshelf) since lets say, Company A sells a tower for $400 a pair and Company B sells a Bookshelf also for $400 pair, I want to know which one is the better bang for the buck since they cost the same. If we were to separate into speaker types it will IMHO defeat the purpose of the article which is to find out which Speaker is the real Best-bang-for-the-buck. I mean, isnt Company A's fault that Company B prices a bookshelf at the same price at Company A's tower. Besides, just because of being a tower it doesnt mean that it is going to sound better than a bookshelf, ,more bass probably yes, but sonically better is another story. Hope to hear your opinions on this article.

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    I would love to read that article and thanks for lighting a match under someones a$$ to get reviews that benefit us "monetarily challenged" home theater buffs who want good (relative term) sound for a decent price. Please be sure to post a link to the article upon completion.

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    Glad to see news of this event made it to AR.

    Thanks. Keep us posted.

    Enjoying a virtual life.

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    Be fairly nice to see the nOrh 4.0s, 5.1s, and Magnepan MMG.

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    Id like to see a set of 3 to 500 dollar a pair of B&Ms thrown in..On these forums you see Internet direct suporters post about how much more value there is over the B&Ms(cutting out the middlel man)it would be nice to see if this is true...Also I hope this is done blind...

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