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    I hope this one doesn't get deleted

    Two deaf people get married. During their first week of living together, they find it difficult to communicate in the bedroom when they turn off the lights. After several nights of fumbling and misunderstandings, the wife decides they need a solution. "Honey," she signs,"we need some simple signals in the bedroom. If you want to have sex, just reach over and squeeze my left breast once, and if you don't want to have sex, squeeze it twice." "Great idea," the husband signs back. "And if you want to have sex, pull my $#@% once; if you don't want to have sex, pull it 150 times."

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    lets keep the jokes under the friday banner, even if it isnt

    that way theyll be easier to quickly find. i almost didnt read yours, a gooooood one, especially if you know some deaf people.

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