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    Smile Yamaha Receivers are on sale at Sears ($100-125 off).

    This week only.

    $100 off of HTR-5650.....$299
    $125 off of HTR-5660.....$379

    Dolby® Digital, Dolby® Digital Matrix 6.1, Dolby® Pro Logic® II, DTS®
    Digital ToP-ART (Total Purity Audio Reproduction Technology) maximizes signal purity
    24 different sound programs yielding 44 variations for dramatic, realistic sound
    Video Conversion composite S-video
    Pre-out jacks for all channels including subwoofer
    Advanced decoding circuitry
    Discrete power transistors provide exceptionally clean sound
    Digitally regulated analog volume control
    Silent Cinema: virtual technology for realistic surround movie effects w/stereo headphones

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    That's why I bought my HTR-5650 there. $100 cheaper than the local Best Buy. I took about 10 days to finally receive it, but it was worth the savings. Great receiver!

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    THis might be the deal I have been looking for. Really want to upgrade my 12 year old Pioneer receiver with something newer (preferably a Yamaha). Thanks for the heads up.

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    Those should pretty much be the permanent prices for those models until Sears clears them out because they've been discontinued. The equivalent RX-V540 and 640 models, as well as the 440 and 740 models, have been on closeout pricing at specialty retailers for over a month now. Best Buy's typically late to the party when it comes to closeout pricing.

    The new RX-V x50 models are already out and should start arriving at dealers soon. The HTR badged versions of those models (the RX-V and HTR series receivers differ only in where they are sold -- the RX-V models are sold at specialty dealers, and the HTR models are sold through mail order and mass merchants) typically take at least a month or two after the RX-V series introductions before they start arriving, although in the case of the RX-V1400, it's been nearly six months and the HTR version of that unit has not come out and I still see the long discontinued HTR-5590 at Best Buy.

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    HTR-5790 and other 5700 series are now available at retailers. Saw them last night. Is it identical to the RVX 1400? Anyone know how it compares to the Denon 3805?

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    At $349, you can find the new HTR-5760 from an on-line vendor if you search for a good price. has it for that price, plus approx. $20 shipping.

    With new models out, Sears (and other retailers) would have to drop way more off those prices in order to capture my attention. The new HTR line has too many nice options that you can't overlook.

    For example, my HTR-5760 has:

    - Lip synch correction feature
    - 2 "presence" channels like the upper end Yamahas do.
    - YPAO - with the "included" microphone.
    - 7 amplified channels.
    - "Direct" mode where you can bypass any additional processing to what you're listening.
    - on-screen display.
    - The list goes on ...

    Yamaha made some big leaps this year with their receivers. However, the HTR-5740 and 5750 do not include YPAO. Most of the technology that came out in the RX-V1400/2400 has been trickled down.

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