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    Problems with digital input to Yamaha RX-V1300

    I'm in need of some help with getting digital sound output from my Yamaha.

    I'm not running any of the video connections through the Yamaha. All of them are sent directly to the TV.

    The Yamaha has two digital coaxial inputs, one labelled "CD" and one labelled "D-TV/LD". The problem affects both of these inputs when used. The appropriate sound source is selected depending upon which connection is set up (i.e. I do not have the control set to DVD on the Yamaha. I have Yamaha control set to CD when I have to coaxial input going into the CD-coax on the Yamaha. Similarly when set to D-TV/LD)

    I am attaching either a Philips DVD 727 or a Hitachi DV-415 (which both have digital coaxial outputs) to the digital co-axial inputs of the Yamaha. Both DVD players are set to digital audio out.

    I have used 3 different digital coaxial cables but none of them have worked. The cables work fine on other RCA type connections.

    With any of the above combinations I get no sound production at all on all DVD and CD sources.

    The Yamaha works fine with analog inputs from either of the DVD players.

    Anyone know what the problem may be?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Check that the DVD player menu is set to bitstream and digital is set to "on".

    Make sure that input mode is set to auto on the Yammie.

    Good luck.

    Enjoying a virtual life.

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    I bought a toslink cable and hooked it up to dvd input on the Yamaha and it works perfectly now. I don't know why the Yamaha would care whether it received input via the toslink vs. the digital coax but it does seem to.

    So in the end, all is well I guess.

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