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    Question Y cable

    Hi ,
    I have an HK receiver and just borrowed a Sub from a buddy to see how it sounds with my system,, I dont have one so thought Id see what Im missing,, My H/K has One output for a sub and His JVC Sub has 2 inputs,, left and right,, Soooooo am I right in assuming I need a Y cord to get this working right??
    Dale M

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    Yes you could use a Y-adapter. If the sub has an lfe then you can just use the one connection into that. To test it, you should be able to connect to either one.

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    You're fine by just running the subwoofer output into one of the inputs on the subwoofer itself. Using a Y-splitter and plugging in both subwoofer inputs will just increase the level by about 6 db. Unless you're having trouble getting acceptable levels of bass even with the gain on the sub and the sub/LFE levels on the receiver maxed out, you won't need that extra 6 db.

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    A (Y) adapter really helps bass IMO, makes the bass much deeper and sounds way better, but if its a test just plug it into the left input and you can get the idea of what it would be like. unless you buy one i dont really see the need of going and buying a Y

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