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    Smile What I need to do to have a great karaoke system?


    I have a set of infinity IL50 and a denon avr5600 receiver. I wanted to have a good karaoke system and I NEED BIG HELP. First, how can I tell how many ohm's my speakers? receiver? Second, do the ohm from the speaker has to match the receiver's? Third, would it be better to run the speaker with the Denon 5600 or should I go with a preamp and amp? What's the differences between a receiver and a preamp or amp? What will be good (amp, preamp, receiver, and what brand and how many watts and what ohm?)for a karaoke system with the IL50? Sorry for soooo many uncleared questions . THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR RESPONSE!

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    First off, slow down. You have speakers and you have a receiver right? All you need is a DVD player and a microphone/stereo mixer. Most DVD's do not play CD+G since it is an older version used for karaoke so just buy the newer DVD karaoke discs and you will not have that problem. If you have a DVD player then you practically set. Here is a link for a microphone mixer than you can hook into your DVD player (analog of course). Why your checking out this link get a shure microphone also. You will want a good microphone and shure makes some of the best ones. Here's the link:
    This is a well built mixer and will suit your needs for a long time unless you want to connect more than 2 microphones. Email me if you have any more questions.

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    Hi Poneal. Thanks for replying to the post. I've not include that I have an Audio2000 7015 karaoke mixer, a sony DVD player, and a set of shure wireless mics. I put the whole system (IL50, denon5600, sony dvd, karaoke mixer) together but I'm not satisfied with the result. The music and the vocal does not mixed well together. I've tried tuning all the treble, music volume, bass, ect...and ect.... but it has not help much. That's why I thought I'm missing something or I don't know what's the use of preamp/amp compare to the receiver. Please give me some more advices. THANKS!

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