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    Talking Upgrading system

    here's my current set up:
    Harman Kardon AVR 320
    JBL PB12
    JBL N-Center II
    JBL N38
    JBL E10's

    Im going to up grade my fronts to the JBL E100 which will cost me $549.04 for the pair...Then my center to JBL EC35 for $157.71...and then my sub to JBL S120PII for $335.14....So the total will be $1041.89 and that inculdes shipping cost...So im saving $1115.44 since retail would cost me $2157.33...Is there any other way I can get a set up like this (new) for $1041.89? If so let me know if not the I go with this thanks in advance

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    bump. . . . .

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