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    TV/DVD Help on My HP Media Center Computer

    Would welcome any help on this as the Contracted Out Indian labor force from HP is relatively useless. Anyway, are there any controls on the computer that let you lighten/brighten up the DVD/TV picture? The only reason I use the computer for this occassionally is: 1. I just watched on a CD Rom Type free disc the NBC premiere of Earl that was in magazines. I recommend everyone see this show It is one of the funniest most politically incorrect shows I've ever seen. Anyway, the picture was awfully dark and I didn't know what to do (I couldn't lighten my monitor more either). 2. I tried to watch the premiere episode of "Supernatural" that you can see for free on Yahoo but the picture was so dark I gave up on this. If anyone has any solutions, I'm open to suggestions. Thanks

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    Try posting on a computer site.

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