I am going to upgrade my home theatre. I have several issues/problems.

Problem 1: I'd like to watch TV in HD and record TV to my windows media center. I am using an HDTV cable box Scientific Atlanta 4200HD which outputs component. I'd like to have my receiver take in component, and output component to my TV and S-video to my WMC. But someone told me that a receiver taking in component will not output s-video. Is there a device i can buy that will take the one component output of the receiver, and send it out BOTH component AND S-Video simultaneously? And is there a receiver sub $1500 that has 2 component OUTs (one for the TV, one for a DVD+RW)?

Issue2: Has anyone used Windows Media Center Edition? Is it very easy to use (like a VCR)? My father is very tech-dumb and he won't be able to watch TV if i confuse him. Does WMC have an option like Tivo to record every episode of a certain program?

Issue3: Could you recommend surround speakers (primarily for TV/DVD viewing) that are $200-$300/pair?

Thanks for your help,