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Thread: Mitsubishi DLP

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    Mitsubishi DLP

    At this time, I have a Mitsubishi Rear-Projection Widescreen. I have gone and looked at the new DLP models and I am very impressed. The only one that I have seen is the WD-62525. If I remember correctly, it was a 61" Widescreen. When I asked about other models this size, I was told they have the WD-62725 and the WD-62825. The latter if it is not already out is due out in the next month or two. The only other brand that I saw that impressed me was the Sony DLP XBR of the same size. The WD-62825 offers a hard drive that will record up to 12 hours of HD broadcasts or 72 hours of a regular broadcast. The WD-62525 that I saw listed for around $4800. I was not able to get a price at this time on the other 2 models of Mitsubishi, but I am figuring the WD-62825 will be at least $6000. The Sony XBR was $6000. With the extra goodies that the Mitsubishi wll be offering, would it be worth the wait? I am talking about having the hard drive. I am leaning heavily towards the Mitsubishi, because I have had very good luck with the one I own now. Any feedback will be appreciated.

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    I've been looking to buy the 52" Mitsubishi DLP. WD-52525 is the item #. I have been told new models were coming out SOON. So I was hoping the 52525 would go down in price.

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