Hello all. I am considering purchasing a HDTV. I like the 55" size. The two that have caught my eye are the Phillips 55PW9363 for $1499 and the Mitsubishi WS-55313 for $1799. I have had two sales people, at different stores, tell me the Mitsubishi is the top brand in HDTV rear projection. But when looking at the two sets, I don't see any difference. Is there something else I should be concerned with? Build quality? Longevity? Should I save $300 or is there something about the Mitsubishi that makes that $300 worthwhile?

Also, with this type of TV, do I need to have someone align the TV on a regular (once per year) basis? Do I need a service contract? Or are they also plug and forget like tube TV's? Once the TV is delivered, I do see it being moved.

Also, how much power does a TV like this draw? Will I need a line conditioner? I live in a failry new house, built in 1990, so I believe the wiring should be fairly good.

Thanks for the help and guideance.