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    Mitsubishi Net Command is a Lousy Product

    I have a Diamond-series Mitsubishi HDTV receiver that is now a year old. I'm going to discuss the aweful Graphical User Interface (GUI) that is mass marketed by Mitsubishi as an easy and simple way to integrate all the Home Theater components.

    Right to the point: Net Command ranks among the worst programming I've ever seen in any system, computer or other. It is confusing to install, it doesn't know how many inputs or modes your HT receiver has, so once you've used them all you cannot add other devices and have them interact with your receiver. I've locked up the program and had to reprogram it about 5 times now. So many instances I was ready to throw the remote control through the screen! (I controlled myself). The program also sets itself to non-HD over-the-air programming, which cannot be removed because it detects these stations during "channel scan". So you have to click through these stations, and switching through them is very slow.

    Don't get me wrong, the Mitsubishi T.V. has a beautiful HD picture, and is probably still among the best available. But as computer technology continues to merge with audio/video technologies, having a workable and easily programmable GUI is of paramount importance. The HT magazines haven't said much about this, unless the ratings are imbedded into the "Ergonomics" rating.

    Mitsubishi programming boys need to go to school on Microsoft. As easy as it is to bash Microsoft, their software products are very intuitive and easy to start using. If Home Theater is going to continue to thrive in the home of consumers, it's going to have to be a whole lot easier to set up, and most of all, the machines in the system are going to have to have good GUIs and be built to interface with each other.

    Buyer beware! Do your homework on the software-side of the HT products you're considering for purchase. You may not fully enjoy the system if you can't get the components all working together as intended.

    - Uncle Salty

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    I use Netcomand with great success, I think it is a great product. You need to have components that are compatible with Netcommand and remember that it does not do everything, but is a great remote feature for the wife, very easy to use once set-up. I use my Sony AV3000 remote to do most of the control and with Netcommand this makes a great combination. Also all my components are located in a closet next to the TV and I never have to open the door other that to put in a DVD or CD because of Netcommand and the IR repeaters on this TV. See my website for picture of my system. Read through the manual again make sure all of your components are compatible.
    My System:
    Receiver: Marantz SR7300
    DVD Audio/SACD: Pioneer DV-563AS
    DVD Player: Panasonic DVD-RP62K
    CD Changer: Sony DVP-C650D
    TV: Mitsubishi WS-48511
    Sat: Echcostar HD 6000U
    Remote: Sony AV3000
    Cables: Monster and Acoustic Research

    Center: CSW Center Stage
    Fronts: CSW Tower II (Bi-wired)
    Rears: CSW Surround 5.1
    Back Center: CSW Newton MC300
    Sub: JBL PB-10
    Speacker Wire: CSW 16 ga. white

    my website:

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