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    Lexicon, B&W, and a THX question!!

    I recently replaced my processor with a Lexicon MC-8. My fronts are Nautilus 804's, Rears are Nautilus 805's and the Center is an Nautilus HTM 2.

    I had the Lexicon professionally installed (due to my stupidity). When I listened, I felt that the sound was too deep with too much bass. I checked and saw that they set the crossover to THX (80hz) for each of the 5 speakers. I increased the treble setting a bit and modified the crossovers for the speakers. The 804's are rated down to 45hz so I set them to 50hz. The 805's and the Center Channel are rated down to 56hz, so I set them to 60hz.

    I felt that it created more of the sound that I'm looking for, however, this simply could be based on the my increasing the treble. I understand that individual preferences are what matter when it comes to sound, however, should I set it back?

    What exactly am I gaining or losing with these settings? By the way, this setup is 60% for Television, 30% music, 10% RocknRoll based DVD's.


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    As long as it sounds good to you and the crossover points are seamless with your subwoofer, leave it where you like it.

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