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    H/K's Digital Path Receivers

    I am looking to upgrade my receiver. I was looking into Harman Kardon and came across their DPR models and was wondering if anyone has any thoughts/experience with this type of amplifier. To me it seems like the next thing and the way to go. Why would you want to mess around with DAC when you can get digital amplification from your digital sources, right? And supposedly with DPR, they are smaller and do not get hot like DAC receivers do, not problems with heatsinks, etc. I like this idea ALOT. Does anyone have one of these, or know any more about this technology??? Is it something I want over DAC? Help!
    Or if someone wants to suggest another high end receiver, that would be great too. Thanks!

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    Get a 630. Half the fun of upgrading is bragging about the size of your equipment

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    the 630 is one of the other is the other H/K that I am seriously looking at as well. But I don't wanna spend 500+ or even 1000+ on a new receiver and then in two years find out I missed the boat with this digital path thing. It will take me a LONG time to ever be able to spend this much on a reciever again.

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