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    DVD Player Life Fact or Fiction

    Forgot to mention in an earlier post, that one of the salespeople at one of the high end places I've been to claims, that your DVD player, or specifically your DVD lense only has a finite life of 1500 hours or so and after that time, the laser is worn out. Any truth to this?

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    Hmm, never heard this, but it doesn't seem unreasonable...that's two 3-hour movies per week for 5 years, or one 3-hour movie per week for 10.
    I would think most people would outgrow their current DVD players before wearing out the lense, as new technologies, or improved performance is sought. If it is true, it might not really be that big of a deal?

    One thing I've learned is never underestimate the corporate world's fondness for planned obsolescence.

    However, I put more than that on my CD player in a year, and my 7 year old player is still kicking strong, so I'm a bit skeptical of this claim, though I appreciate DVD playerss and CD players are different.

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    hm my 4 year old playstation 2 must have around that mouch or more. It's chugging along fine, just needed to open it up and clean the laser once or twice.

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    Is the technology that different from CD players?

    I've heard of CD players lasting many, many years. How would DVD's differ that drasticaly from them?

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