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    Cd player and Laser disc player...need advice

    Does anybody know the difference between using CD player and Laser disc player to listen music? I'm using a laser disc player to listen music now, i'm not sure whether CD player is really necessary or not for my system to sound best. From what i listen now, the sound quality of my Laser disc is just seems like no different to a CD player. Any opinion?

    My system as follow:

    Marantz PM-7000 Integrated Amplifier
    Acoustic Energy AE120
    Kenwood LVD-320
    Cable Talk Talk 3.0 Biwire Speaker Cable
    Cable Talk Monitor 3 Speaker Interconnect

    I'm thinking of selling my Acoustic Energy AE120 speaker, does anyone know the second hand value of this speaker?


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    You have no problem. Your LD player is designed to play both laserdiscs and CDs. If the music sounds good to you that is all that matters. If you want to upgrade at any time, an SACD player would be a logical next step.

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