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    Question cd player vs dvd player when playing cds

    I am currently running a harman kardon dvd25 via the analog interconects (using kimber timbre kable) to the yamaha rx-v2500 and using the pure direct mode on the reviever. The harman has a button on it alowing you to turn off all video modes, it says in the manual that this is suposed to sound better when playing cds.
    Anyway my question to you all is will cd's sound better if i were to get a seperate cd player all together rather then using the harman?

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    As always, only you can decide if they sound better and if that improvement is worth the extra $$$. In my experience my CD player does sound better than my DVD player when playing CDs. There are a lot of other factors that come into play in this equation though such as associated equipment, quality of the stand-alone CD player compared to your Harmon, your expectations.

    I'd caution you that with even a moderate HiFi system like mine the difference is subtle, not night and day like it can be with speakers.

    The other route you might consider is a DAC in unison with your Harmon. The Benchmark 1 seems to be the internet forum favorite at the moment.


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