Hi Everyone,

In the next week or two, I plan to purchase a new home theater/audio system to support a 32" Sony Trinitron television (KV32FV300). Following a few weeks of research, I'm now favoring the following components:

- B&W DM601 S3 (2 bookshelf speakers; easily the best I've heard at this price point)
- B&W LCR60 (center channel)
- Denon 1705 or 2805 (A/V receiver)
- Panasonic DVD S47 or F87 (DVD player)

Although I now live in a medium-size apartment, I hope to move into a larger space within the next 2 to 3 years. Therefore, I want to acquire components that will strongly support future system additions and an expanded living space.


I'm not sure of the best way to handle the CD-player portion of the equation. I'm leaning toward a jukebox system in which I can store my CD collection, including those burned with MP3 formatted tracks. Continuous Shuffle Play, Random Play, and the ability to create playlists and 'do-not-play' lists really appeal to me. However, most of the reviews I've read have been less than promising. In particular, the lagtime between CD changes, lack of durability, and time-consuming keyboard entry of CD information seem to be persistent problems with jukebox players.

If you have any suggestions for quality jukebox-style CD changers, I'd appreciate hearing them.


As an alternative to a jukebox system, I'm thinking of getting a standard 5- or 6-disk CD changer and a 20- or 40-GB iPod. For MP3 playlists, I believe I could just plug the iPod into the receiver. In the CD changer, I'd hope to have the following features: Direct Disk Access, Play Exchange, MP3 compatibility, HDCD, and digital output (coaxial or optical).

Unfortunately, I'm again at something of a loss when it comes to a quality CD changer in this category. From the reviews I've read, there just don't seem to be any clearcut favorites. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance for your help.


PS - If you have any concerns or insights regarding the rest of my proposed system, please feel free to share your thoughts. Thanks...