I'am in the market for a new CD Player and I was wondering if any one can help me out.
Right now I have a Pioneer cd player/5 cd changer and it's about 8yrs old (I have a Denon Reciever 1804 or 1604 I forget?) I love my pioneer and it's got this feature on it called 'Spiral' which means you put your 5 CD's in and push spiral and it will play each song from each album (ex:It will play the 1st song of each cd & then the 2nd song of each cd.....) it's great but the reason I want to get a new one is because I want more of a disc changer/hold more discs.
The question I 'am asking any body that want's to help is what CD player that holds more than 5 discs and that has something of my Pioneer Spiral feature? Also, another reason why I want a new one is that the shuffle mode plays the same songs every time and I find that a lot of CD players that have the shuffle mode will play the same songs over and over.
Is there a CD player that has a good shuffle and it won't play the same songs?