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    analog tv

    If i run an antenna into the ant in on a stb and then back out through the rf out and into the ant in on an analog tv, is that by passing the stb processor and is it exactly the same as wathcing normal analog tv with the antenna plugged straight into the ant in on the back of the tv?

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    The RF out may not function as a bypass; it may just transmit signals from the STB's tuner to a blank channel on a TV via coaxial, much as a VCR's NTSC tuner would. But why not skip the STB and go directly into the TV with your coaxial antenna cable to access the TV's tuner? Is the TV's tuner broken? Otherwise, the TV's NTSC tuner shouldn't have much of an advantage over the STB's.

    Or are you asking whether ATSC digital channels entering the STB would be converted to analog by going from the STB's antenna input to its RF output. I would think that the answer would depend on how the STB were designed. I know that Motorola STBs can convert digital for display on an analog TV when using certain outputs. But, of course, this strategy does require signal processing by the STB.


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