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    Trying to get analog sound from computer to receiver...getting hiss

    Iím only interested in getting MP3 music to my stereo and donít care about surround sound I tried for a while to get a digital signal from my Audigy 2 to my receiver but finally realized my Sony 333ES didn't have enough digital inputs to accept another. So I decided to split the analog sound from my Audigy 2's front/right,left channel output and send an analog signal to the receiver. I then plugged it into my CD RCA plugs since Iím not using them. I now get sound out of my receiver from my computer but itís also got a high pitched squeal/hiss as well. The first thing I did was unplug the cable from my computer and the hiss is still thereÖwhich leads me to believe itís coming from the cable alone. Below is how I hooked the whole thing up:

    I split the signal from the front speaker output on the Audigy2 using a small headphone signal splitter. I then ran the sound to my receiver using a 10 foot, standard headphone extension cord. I then got a converter that split the signal from a headphone connection to 2 RCA R/L plugs which I plugged into my CD input.

    Any ideas of what is wrong? Do I need to get a shielded cable so it doesnít pick up the hum? Is there such a thing as a shielded headphone extension cable? Currently the computer and the receiver are in different rooms that share a common wall. The cable runs through holes I drilled in the wall (to my wifeís horror)

    Thanks for any input


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    Um, obviously a wire/cable shouldn't be generating any signal, hiss or otherwise. If the cable is at fault, then it must be picking it up from somewhere and simply moving the cable around should alter or eliminate the 'hiss'. Make sure no exposed metal on the cable is touching other metal.

    Does the hiss go away when you unplug each of the various cable components? When you unplug everything from your receiver?

    Also, not clear how your make a connection from the first 'small headphone signal splitter' to the '10' standard headphone extension cord'. That doesn't make sense. The splitter should terminate in 2 RCA jacks and the extension in a 1/4" stereo plug. They're not compatible.

    Its conceivable that your hole in the wall runs your headphone cable to close to some component of your homes electrical system. Test by leaving the cable attached to the receiver but removing from the wall.


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    Cool I've a similar hookup....

    I built a new puter in July. I don't use compubox speakers. I run dual analogs out of my Audigy 2 ZS Platinum to an Onkyo 601 and an Akai 1030 so I can get 4.0 on games. I've never had a "hiss" or squeal problem like that. I'd say to check the following.

    1. Ensure your card is seated right in the puter.
    2. Check the cables you're using, make sure they're not so cheap as to be spaghetti thin.
    3. Reduce the outputs in the SB software so it's NOT at maximum. Sometimes this causes clicking and whirring.
    4. Make sure you've any gameports on your sound card disabled.

    Hope this helps....

    Da Worfster

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    If your receiver has a source switch which you select for whatever source you want to record from, then this might be the culprit. If so, move it to an unused source position.

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