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    Question 1-2 yr from now: what's your video?

    just wondering - if you see yourself getting a new video display a little ways down the road, what do you see, given the new tech coming in, etc. I assume the incoming dlp with hd2+, probable reductions in hd2 as a result, lcos, better front projection resolutions and processing, more hdtv content, maybe price competition when hd broadcast gets real, cheaper and cheaper plasma and lcd, etc... what are you holding out for? while i might lust for leading edge/SOTA, i'll probably be actually buying whatever is about $3-4K state of the art now when the price lowers, like hd2 or hd2+, for the money i'm willing to spend (couple thou, max)... one of those 'wait till the price/quality point' hits my personal targets kind of things... what will your display be in '06?

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    I guess there are people who think audiophiles are anal retentive freaks and that is my view I suppose of videophiles. Quite onestly I like the video at the theaters far more than anything I've ever seen from and home system. They'll babble about detail but the theater just looks right...doesn't hurt that the screens are huge either.

    Frankly the image from my non flat 27inch screen is more than satisfactory than I'll ever need. I would like a BIGGER screen but I don't require it any better.

    I can see those hang on he wall plasma's as being quite a space-saver.

    But hey whatever floats your boat...most people think I'm nuts for my audio...and in the big scheme my system is very small.

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