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    S Video Monitor Input Doesn't Work - Help

    Thought perhaps someone on this board could help me understand a problem I'm having using the monitor output from my Adcom GTP760 to a cheap 27" TV. I've found that if I connect the s video monitor output from my preamp/tuner to a Toshiba 27A33 I get no on screen menu display. This same interconnect will work well when connected to 2 other TV's (a Sony 17" and an Advent HDTV).

    It seems to only not work when I connect to either a new out of the box Toshiba 27A33 or a similar quality Panasonic CT27G24.

    Both of these sets say that you cannot simultaneously connect composite and s video at the same time. I noticed that the Advent nor the Sony have this note regarding use of there S Video jacks. But - to clarify, I am only using the S video input not both.

    This is really frustrating, since I simply want to use the exisitng tv in this room to setup my audio when I need to change settings. I don't use the TV for any serious video at all (that's done in another room).

    Is there something about how certain manufacturers S-video electronics work in certain models that I should be aware of?

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