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Thread: Yamaha Rx-v992

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    Yamaha Rx-v992

    Looking to start my home theatre/music system (50/50) on a budget. After lots of research (and realizing I should spend more than what I wanted too...) I found this receiver (YAMAHA RX-V992 Dolby Digital Home Theatre Receiver) on ebay...and bonus - it is in the same city as I am here in Ontario (no shipping!). Anyone have any experience with it? From what I've read it has 5.1 capability (all I need for now I think) and I can hook up my turntable to it as well. The next step will be speakers...but first - any thoughts on this receiver? (It is going for about $200 US.)


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    I had one of those and gave it to one of my sons. It still performs very well. It does not have DTS capability or component video switching. I think you may find a new receiver at Etronics that has both, within your budget.

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