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    Yamaha RX V-2500 ?

    I just purchased this model, I have everything hooked up to it, but I cannot record to VCR only play. Can anyone tell me if I want to record, what source do I need to select? CBL/SAT or VCR1? I have all of the conections right or maybe it's on the end of the VCR? please help. thank you Keith.

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    Depending on which VCR you have, if you're trying to record from one of the external inputs rather than the internal tuner, you'll either have to switch the input using the remote or scroll through the channels until you see options like "L-1" or "F-1" appear on the channel indicator. The input coming from the receiver will be whatever source you have selected. In general, I would also hook the cable/satellite box directly to the VCR, so that you don't have to have the receiver turned on just to record a program.

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