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Magazines are an industry unto themselves and most all of them are FUN to read. The skeptic magazines such as the Sensible Sound or Audio Critic of course take skeptic views - which does not mean the right view or honest review -- it's a way to keep sales of magazines going an it will appeal to people unwilling to pay the premium for quality thus the magazine appeals to their justifications. Still fun reads.
Like Woochifer, I believe you are stretching more than a bit here when you say the $S is for "people unwilling to pay for quality." That is not their target market at all... Who says you have to spend mega-bucks for good quality? That said, I would hardly call their review of the Legacy Audio Whisper a low priced speaker (as they go for about $16,000/pr.). I would say that they go after what they believe is the best bang for the buck at any price (within reason)... If a component costs plenty, but they feel the cost is well worth it, they do not shy away from it.

As for being skeptics, I would just say they are more honest than most... It is nice to see a publication that does *not* just go along with all the audio myths. Just my 2 cents...