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    Is there any signal to LFE when listing to CD?

    I don't think I hear my subwoofer working when I'm just listening to CDs. Heck I don't think its even on. Is there problem or its only use when watching movies?

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    if you want to use the subwoofer for music, you have to change the bass management settigns in your receiver to be LFE + L/R. since CDs don't have a dedicated LFE track, the receiver will be able to sent bass information from the L/R channels once you get the receiver settings properly adjusted

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    CD isn't recorded with a separate .1 LFE track like 5.1 sources have, it's 2.0 for the most part.

    However, your receiver should be able to process the signal such that bass signals below the crossover frequency are handled by the subwoofer and not your speakers, much like the LFE track on 5.1.

    On a lot of receivers this is a bit lower in volume or might require a few other settings, but your subwoofer should definitely be active if you want it to be.

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    you could make a speaker level connection to your sub, assuming it has one. Mine has both line level connections and speaker level connections. You would then need to set the crossover and loudness of the sub to takeover where your main speakers left off.

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