Hello everyone!

Some of you know this one, many have heard of it, I'm here to testify that it works.

Caigs' dynamic duo, Deoxit cleaner & Progold treatment.

I used it on my "almost vintage" Hafler 110 pre, cleaning & treating every contact inside in out, including most importantly the switches/pots & the RCAs'.

I had already cleaned the outside of the RCAs' using regular contact cleaner from the hardware store, and sprayed the inside of them, so I didn't expect much.

Wrong!! As I was cleaning particularly the inside of the RCAs' with Caigs' handy Q-tip-like things I couldn't believe how dirty they were - filthy!

So I finished up, hooked it up (marvelling at the smooth feel the connectors had, must be the Progold), turned it on, and.........nothing!! Took it back apart, found that I had mis-aligned a ribbon connector internally (D'oh!!), etc, etc, and lo & behold:

It rocked!!

No kidding, the sound was MUCH better! No snake oil, just Caig oil haha. More forceful, cleaner sound, it's just amazing. I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't hear it for myself.

For around $50 you get a can of each & a bunch of the qtip things (I tried real qtips - too big), enough for all your equipment. Even if you aren't comfortable with opening your equipment do the RCAs. I am going to clean & treat every piece of equipment I own, including video connections. When I buy brand new equipment (it does happen occasionally:) I'm planning on treating all RCAs' & pots with the Progold, as it's supposed to inhibit corrosion.

This is the stuff (scroll down for the qtip things):


Try it, you won't regret it.


PS Standard disclaimer I have no connection to the company (that needs cleaned :) blahblahblah