We have a DMX music service through our cable company. This is a digital service which requires a digital converter box.
The converter box has audio outputs (RCA connectors).
I have a Y-connector connected to each audio output on the digital box that splits the signal.
The signal then goes to a whole house tuner and amplifier and then to 10 pairs of speakers through an impedance matching switcher.
The other set of audio cables goes to a separate amplifier in the family room for surround sound. All ibnterconnecting cables are Monster Cables.
This setup has been in place for 3 years without any problems.
About 3 weeks ago, we started to hear static in all speakers on the right channel only.
I assumed it was a connection problem, so I checked everything, and nothing was loose.
There is no static when a CD is played through the same setup.
I then disconnected everything and plugged in first the whole house system and then the family room system directly into the cable box.
Each time, there was static on the right channel of all speakers.
I then had the cable company come out on Saturday to replace the digital box. Everything seemed fine, but the static returned yesterday.
Does anyone have an idea what could be causing thsi?
When we had a low signal strength, the music would ut out entirely. They added a cable booster about 2 years ago, and everything had been great.
I don't think it's electrical interference because there is no staic when I play cd's.
I'd appreciate any input anyone might have.