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Thread: 3 channel amp

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    3 channel amp

    Does anyone make (or do you know a good source) for 3 channel amps?
    I am moving from 2 channel to surround sound and do not want to sell my amp (Carver TFM35X). If I can find a 3 channel amp and quality pre-amp I should be set.

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    You didn't give us much information such as price, wpc, etc. Bob Carver now works for Sunfire at Unfortunately, I did not see any 3 channel amps, just 5 and 7. I did see a Krell KAV-3250 3 channel amp at:

    Lots of power if this price range is in your budget.

    A less expensive solution would be to get a mid-fi amplifer from Harman Kardon. Here is a link to there 8 channel amp which can be bridged into 4 100 wpc channels.

    or you can get their 4 channel amp at:

    I personally like the warm rich sound the Harman amps provide and IMO much less expensive.

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    there are some 3 channel amps...
    Rotel make a 6 channel amp that can be bridged into 3.
    Adcom GFA-5503 is a very nice 3 channel (200x3)
    Acurus and Aragon also have them

    search audiogon and ebay for others..good luck

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    Odyssey Audio HT3. visit their website. I use this amp for my center and 2 mains

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