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    Somewhat related to...

    ...a coupla' posts, but yet...not quite, I thought I'd pass on my "black Friday"(even tho' it was Saturday) experience...

    Foist...I own a Bose Wave Radio...p!$$ and moan all you wanna' about cost vs. parts, etc., I'm not here to debate the least, not a whole lot...I won it in a free raffle from a local retailer...and whether or not I'd pay the price is neither here nor there(let me say however, there can be more to price vs.value than meets the eye) most Bose products, it has placement issues...but after some time with futzing around with it, I arrived at a position that seems to provide a full, balanced output...imaging, smimaging...not a positioning(horizontal and in bed) vis a vis that of the unit precludes such audiophilic(iz dat a woid?) provides a nice FM counterpoint to my nightly reading...I've even used my old Walkman to provide some listener's choice input, via the "AUX" jacks...hold that thought...

    Sears was having a sales blitz for the weekend...if you were willing to get up at some ungodly hour and engage in fist-fights with "holiday" shoppers...not my cuppa', on Saturday(and at a reasonable hour, might I add) we strolled on in and puchased a GPX portable CD player for $7.50(final cost after rebate)...would have only cost $5.49 on Friday...not counting a possible visit to the ER...

    Well, anywho...went home, popped two AAs and a disc and was sorta' dismayed at the sound produced...cheezy and tinny...luckily, it was the included 'phones, cuz after I plugged in my ol' Sennheiser HD414s the sound was fine...well, I rummaged around in my spare parts box and came up with a Philips mini-stereo to RCA adapter(new in the package) that I had purchased a while back at Wal-Mart...wired it up to the Wave and enjoyed a good read to the tune of some J.S. Bach and a Savoy Sampler of various jazz giants...The "Toccata and Fugue" was deep, powerful and moving and the "brush-on-snare" on the Coltrane cut was "there"...

    I plan on plugging the little bugger into my tweeky-toy(an Onkyo MC35Tech mini-system) and eventually into my reference system (separates, comprised of vintage analog gear), to do a little side-by-side...

    jimHJJ(...very good performance doesn't have to break the bank...)

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    Man, I can't believe... didn't wait for the extra $2 savings?!?!?! Some people just spend money with reckless abandon... :*)

    About the Wave - it has something important to me - BALLS! The Kloss design can't muster the bass or dynamics. Well, let's be fair - the Tivoli is $200 less (vs. non-CD equipped Wave), finished better (w-a-y better) and you can actually get a decent sized soundstage. If we have a BBQ in the backyard, I put the two speakers up on regular stands, maybe 7 feet apart. The 'lil system will hold center fill if I'm 7 ft. away! Against the house, bass isn't TOO bad as long as volume is up. But, for "normal", indoor levels, the Bose wins the bass/slam department.

    I remember someone on AA saying that the mids and highs on the Tivoli are superior - not true. They MIGHT be slightly better, but I would need a side-by-side to split the hairs.

    Alright, I suppose the Tivoli is better $ for $

    Good luck with your mini CD...

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