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    Swan Diva non-sound related...

    Awhile ago, Swan was, according to them, threatened with a lawsuit by B&W for using a tweeter that sits atop the cabinet. The Swans were then redesigned and turned into Rockets. Now I see Swan is still available through another channel. I'm not looking for speaks, just interested in how that all played out. I'd like the E! Channel version please.

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    The Swans didn't turn into Rockets. The Rockets were developed by Mark Schifter of AV123 who was the distributor of the Swan Diva's which are now distributed by The Audio Insider. "Trade dress" issues were threatened which would have entailed legal costs that, because of the development of the Rocket's, Mark did not wish to incur. Although they both come in rosewood and black piano finishes, the Rocket's are manufactured in Mark's own factory which is seperate from the one the Swan's are made in. I don't know if the B&W lawsuit was ever pursued [Swan Diva's are still sold], but at the time Mark said he felt confident he would have won. The Rocket's weren't developed as a result of the trade dress issue, but were in development before there was a trade dress issue as part of Mark's long term plans for to develop, manufacture, and distribute their own brand to allow Mark to control the entire process. Stay tuned for Diva's do Rocket's coming soon to the HT Channel.

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