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    Unhappy Problem with my Yamaha htr-5460

    I am getting the buzzing/chirping sound that seems to be a popular problem after searching in the products section. I located the cable that seems to be the problem, but cant seem to get the noise to stop. I called Yamaha and tried ordering a new 27 pin cable and they want $20 and its on backorder for 6-8 weeks. Is there another place that I can get the cable? Or any other ideas on how to repair this problem? I can post pictures If you think that may help. Please help me as I am a poor college student and do not have the cash to simply replace a reciever that I saved up just to buy .

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    hey man,

    i used to have the same receiver. I never really had that problem, but I did notice a quiet buzzing/chirping kind of sound with dvds when i had to really crank up the volume. I ended up getting rid of the receiver to upgrade, because no one could tell me what the problem was. I figured maybe it was just AC interference. The receiver was underpowered anyways, so I just sold it on ebay. I saw a similar story in one of the reviews before I bought mine and the person solved it by opening the unit up and just making sure all the cables were securely fastened. Worth a shot probably.....

    good luck

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