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    Unhappy Problem with Yamaha RX-V1500

    In my RXV1500, i have a DVD connected via optical input and a VCR connected via analog L/R inputs.

    when i play the VCR, everything works ok. BUT, while the VCR is playing, if i switch the input of the receiver to DVD, i can still hear faint sound from the VCR. although the DVD is playing now, and the sound in the DVD can be heard, when the sound from the dvd drops (because of a scene change perhaps), i hear the VCR playing in the background. this is annoying.

    you may say to just turn the VCR off, well, actually, the VCR is feeding my Zone 2 also. in short, if my Zone two is working, there is always an audible sound (low, but can still be heard) the bleeds through the Main Zone. my question is, WHY?

    in short, i am only using the Main Zone on this fine unit. But one of the reasons i bought this was because of its multi-zone capability, now i can't use multi-zone 'coz its audio bleeds into the Main Zone.

    Please help or advice.


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    VCR feeding Zone 2?

    I'm a bit confused. I have the RX-V1400. I have my Zone 2 set up utilizing the built-in amp. I have a set of speakers in my kitchen. I can select ANY analog input to listen to in the kitchen, and listen to any other source in the main room. Do you have the VCR connected to the Zone 2 RCA jacks? If so that's your problem...those are outputs. That's where I'm confused. The VCR should be connected to the VCR input. The Zone 2 RCAs should then be connected to another amplifier (in another room) or be left alone and instead connect speakers directly to the Zone 2/Presence speaker jacks. You then need to go through the menu an select "ZONE 2 AMP...ON". But you say your not using the Zone 2 capability anyway. Therefore, just leave all Zone 2 connections alone. Keep in mind that the Zone 2 amp is also the Back Surround Speakers amp. I do have a 7.1 speaker set-up. When I want to use all 7 speakers I go through the menu and select "ZONE 2 AMP...OFF". Hope that solves your problem.

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