I need some help on some VERY inexpensive surround speakers for my system. And when I say inexpensive, I'm talking $175 or less. I have a very limited budget because I'm in college, and I have a 3.1 setup as of right now. Not bad for a dorm room if you ask me. Anyways, I'm upgrading to a Denon receiver and I want to get the full DD effect, so I'm going to mount them to the bottom of the top bed of a bunk bed. And I know everybody that's reading this is thinking "Bunk bed? This kid's out of his mind!" Anyways, I'm looking for something quite small, probably a pair of satellites, and I just wanted advice on what kind to get. I don't have enough room for another set of bookshelves, so I need to save on space on them. Preferably something too that can be mounted easily and a lot of varying ways that can be mounted, because I'm probably gonna have to rig something up. Please, any advice would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!